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Brew On Premise Session (4 hrs)

At Wicks Brewing, YOU CAN BE THE BREWER and brew your own craft ale on our Brew-On-Premise System! Everything from Pale Ales to Imperial Stouts, we've got you covered. We have an extensive list of house recipes to choose from, each embodying the defining characteristics of that style, or you can give us an idea of something exotic you'd like to brew and we'll develop a recipe just for you!

The brewing process takes about 3 hours, after which the fermentation will take place in our climate controlled fermentation room. Our brewery staff will monitor your beer over the next few weeks and prepare it for your bottling appointment about 3-4 weeks later. Meanwhile our graphics team will work with you to create custom labels for your new brew. When you return for your bottling session your beer will already be chilled, carbonated, and ready to enjoy!

  • Price $250.00